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BLACK CAMP 21 – a new novel based on the infamous murder of Wolfgang Rosterg at Cultybraggan in 1944.

“Powerful stuff. Tense, compelling and expertly realized.”

” I was totally enthralled by this novel. The fact that it was based on a true event made it even more compelling”

All over Britain, POW camps are filling up with defeated German soldiers. Every day, thousands more pour in on ships from France. But only the most dangerous are sent to Camp 21 – ‘black’ prisoners – SS diehards who’ve sworn death before surrender. Nothing will stop their war, unless it’s a bullet.

As one fanatic plots a mass breakout and glorious march on London, Max Hartmann dreams of the oath he pledged to the teenage bride he scarcely knows and the child he’s never met. Where do his loyalties really lie? To Hitler or to the life he left behind in the bombed ruins of his homeland?

Beneath the wintry mountains, in the hell of Black Camp 21, suspicion and fear swirl around like the endless snow. And while the Reich crumbles – and his brutal companions plan their assault – Max’s toughest battle is only just beginning.

Inspired by terrifying actual events, Black Camp 21 takes readers on a gut-wrenching journey from the battlefields of France to its shocking climax in a camp which still stands today.

374 Pages, Published October 2018

Price £8.99
+ £2.00 postage and packaging

approx. £4.00 from every copy sold via the Comrie Development Trust will help support the maintenance and development of the camp

Camp 21 Cultybraggan: A History

This 56 page booklet provides a really good, general overview of the history of Cultybraggan as a WW2 POW camp and later as an MOD training camp. Written by local historians and containing many personal anecdotes and stories which illustrate and enlighten in equal measure.

Learn about the grizzly deaths of Wolfgang Rosterg and Willie Thormann; the remarkable career of interpreter and intelligence officer Herbert Sulzbach; The heart-warming story of Heinrich Steinmeyer’s bequest to the older people of Comrie and tales of shenanigans and derring-do of many of the cadets that passed through the camp over the years.

56 pages; first published 2010, reprinted 2018

Price: £5
+ £2.00 postage and packaging

Camp 21 Comrie

Written by Valerie Campbell, one of the leading authorities on Prisoner of War Camps in Scotland and author of Camp 165 Watten, this 160 page book provides an in-depth study of this remarkable place.

Exploring many of the notorious events and characters associated with the camp and following its history through its use as an MOD training camp the book is a must for anyone looking for the full story.

160 pages; Published 2017

Price £16.99
+ £2.00 post and packaging

Cultybraggan Cartoon Collection Prints

Prints of some of the 66 wonderful cartoons painted by a POW in 1944-45 are now available for sale. Approx. A4 size and printed on 300gsm silk paper they are ideal for framing and hanging on the wall.


£5 per print or 5 for £20

+ £2.00 post and packaging

Merchandise from our friends at MoKa Pottery.

Based in one of the Nissen Huts at Cultybraggan, Mo and Kath produce a range of hand-made pottery including the charming and querky pottery Nissen Huts and Christmas Tree decorations. They also have produced a limited number of Cultybraggan collectables such as T-shirts and mugs. To order go to https://www.facebook.com/MoKaPottery/ or email: hello@mokapottery.com.

Price lists (excludes postage and packaging):

Pottery Nissen Huts – £10.00

Pottery Christmas tree decorations – £5.00

Limited edition T-shirts – £15.00

Cultybraggan Camp Mugs – £10.00