12 Feb 2019

Although eerily haunting, it was a stark reminder of what really happened – hidden history on your doorstep. We had a most enjoyable trip to Cultybraggan Camp.


18 Jan 2019

We had a lovely day at Cultybraggan – the history of the camp was fascinating


29 Nov 2018

Extremely interesting historical site. Well worth the visit. No one will be disappointed with a visit to this once PoW camp. The story boards throughout outline a markedly different history from PoW camps of Germany. Additionally the Volunteers are so knowledgeable about all aspects of the camp and are approachable even when not working. 


16 Nov 2018

This was a great place to visit. The staff were brilliant – a lovely piece of our history we didn’t know about! Would highly recommend this.


23 Oct 2018

I’m really glad we visited! As a young couple who are interested in history but not experts it was nice to get an overview of what happened at the camp. The real stories make it much for connectable and the cartoons are a great recently added collection. I was very happy to pay £5 to enter especially as it’s such a locally supported project.


19 Oct 2018

We received a warm welcome to the camp. The visit allowed us access to a time in history that we did not experience but gave an insight into life at the camp- the hardships to be overcome not only there but at similar camps both here and in other countries at war. The letters and cartoons gave such personal touches that you felt privileged to be sharing them.


18 Oct 2018

We had an enjoyable visit to this former POW Camp. It is still in it’s infancy as a visitor attraction but the information given is very good, clear and interesting.